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QCS (Quick Conversion Sling):
"Sling for all situations"

I purchased this sling for my patrol rifle and use it on a daily basis. It is constructed of strong top notch materials and very comfortable. I have it set upas a two-point sling, but it’s ease of transitioningto a single point deployment depending on the situation is simple and no nonsense. The adjustment to tighten and loosen the sling with one hand while being up on the gun for strong / weak side engagements is quick and easy to locate. As a LEO for over 20 plus years, I would highly recommend this sling to any LEO / Military personnel who deploy any type of long gun in the field.

– Rich Botello

"Best tactical sling available"

I’ve tried 7 or 8 slings in the last 6 years, this one’s a keeper. Excellent build quality. On an operation I prefer to run single point despite the inconvenience of not being able to sling the weapon when needed. Sly Tactical has finally come up with a sling that lets me run single point and if the need arises rapidly and almost effortlessly transition to 2 point and cinch the rifle to my chest or back out of the way. I’ll never use another tactical rifle sling.

- Kevin R


Finally…. A sling that meets all my needs. I have been doing field work for the last 15 years. I have fiddled with every new design out there to support vehicle, air, high-angle, and entry operations. The Quick Conversion Sling covers all the bases in the most efficient manner. For tight spaces, the quick detachment feature is invaluable. For weapons manipulation, the single point mode is optimal. When confronted with a rapid, secure stowage situation to free up both hands, the quick conversion to the two point mode is perfect. The close proximity of the T-handle to the fore-stock makes location and operation of the device effortless in dark and fluid situations. This is a mission critical piece of equipment!

– K. Trib

"Top notch sling"

I have been a SWAT operator for 15 years and use this sling on both my duty weapon (a subgun) and my personal gun (an AR-15). I like the versatility of being able to quickly switch from a single point to a two point and still have the additional length adjustment. I also like the oversize pull strap that is easily found in the dark and while wearing gloves. The sling is made of top quality materials and there are no rough edges to irritate my sensitive skin. I have no doubt that the other gear sold by Sly Tac is of the same quality. The owner has been a friend of mine for over a decade and he doesn’t do anything half ass. If he can’t do it right, he won’t do it. Plus, his gear is made right here.

– Bryan

"Great Product"

Being a SWAT team member and K9 handler, I have found this sling to be the best out there. It easily cinches down tight for the long treks in the brush and quickly converts to a single point for effortless building searches. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants a tactical advantage, BUY this sling.

- S. Jones

"Great product, great quality. Happy operator."

I’ve been using this sling since it’s inception and have no complaints. I appreciate the innovative 2-point to 1-point conversion and how it allows me to transfer from one weapons platform to another with ease if needed. I’ve used other slings in the past (Blue Force, Viking Tactics, Blackhawk) and found that the controls built into this are sturdy, well designed, and effective. The construction is top notch (Made in America) and as a member of a SWAT team I have found other members asking me "Where do I get one?" on multiple occasions. My hat is off to the designer. Thanks for making a for the shooter, by the shooter piece of kit.

– Josh S

"Great sling, very useful in many applications."

I’ve been running this sling for about a year now and it’s been nothing but excellent. I’ve put it through hell and back and it has withstood everything I’ve had to give. Several months of SWAT training converting from rifle, to handgun and back seamlessly with the well thought out design of this sling. I am also a K9 handler and I found it very valuable that I can secure the rifle close to me when handling the dog or transitioning to handgun. I use this sling during patrol applications, SWAT applications and during K9 deployments. If you need a sling that functions smoothly and is excellent in several different functions, this is your sling! Kevin will cut no corners and has the utmost attention to detail. I HIGHLY recommend this sling for everyone from the weekend shooter to the SWAT operator.

– Jimmy K

"Best Option…"

I have been working in SWAT for 18 years, the last seven on a full time SWAT team. I have my rifle deployed on about 125 operations a year and 100 times more in training.

I have tried 1-point, 2-point and 3-point slings in the past. All three have their pros and cons. This sling takes the pros from all of them and puts them in one package. I routinely use it in the 2-point configuration, but often times find myself transitioning to the 1-point carry for different situations. The ability of this sling to do so quickly and effortlessly is priceless.

Every SWAT operator should give this sling a try, you won’t be disappointed.

– Douglas R

"Outstanding sling."

In 25 years of SWAT operations and tactical entries this is by far the most useful and versatile sling I have used. It’s comfort and adjustability is second to none. I have used magpul, V-tac and dozens of other slings over the years trying to optimize utility and safe stowing of a rifle during operations; they all fell short. Sly tactical finally got it right. I’ll never use another sling. I highly recommend this sling for all tactical rifle use.

Kevin C


Our SWAT team just got these slings. We have tried several others and none have been as durable, comfortable and practical as this Sly Tactical sling. Very simple design makes it easy to change from single point to double point. The T handle works great to secure the rifle. We just had an operation in the rain and it was easy to grip and adjust even in the horrible weather conditions. I constantly felt uncomfortable with other slings, but this one allows me to focus on what’s in front of me instead offiddling with my sling. A must have piece of equipment for anyone who is into simple, effective and worry-free weapon manipulation!!

– Travis A

Two Point Slings:
"Excellent Product."

I got this to replace my VTac sling, and I would do it again all day long. The quality and attention to detail is superb. Sly’s T-handle pull is easy to grab, and works flawlessly on the first use, with an excellent tactile feel and smooth operation. This sling does not require any break-in time like some competitors’ versions (cough-cough-Vickers BlueForce). The mil-spec materials are topnotch (worth the extra money), and the fit and finish is excellent. This sling rates a 5-star across the board.

- Jason

"Top Shelf."

I’ll add my 5-star recommendation for your sling! I’ve been using it on by Devil Dog AR (300 Blk), and it’s wonderful! Sly Slings, one-point and two-point, are among the best. For serious rifles and shotguns, there is nothing better. Operators love them!

– John Farnam DTI

"Thumbs Up…"

I’ve been fortunate enough to run the final revision of the RSA BEFORE it’s release. This rear sling attachment is light years ahead of my prior rear mounts (tactical link) in particular. It does not require you to break the gun apart for installation, because it mounts behind the castle nut. It’s fixed mount loop provides a rock solid, positive engagement with the sling’s rear snap hook. This allows for optimal performance of the conversion between single point, and two-point modes. It is extremely lightweight and streamlined so it does not interfere with the operation of the safety or charging handle. The Sly Tac RSA has proven to be "bullet proof" after months of heavy use. I highly recommend this product!

– K. Trib